General Contracting Conditions



Applicant/client: "applicant" means the person whose data appears on the online registration form available on or, if it is the case, the person who has requested by other means (email, telephone) information about the services of Aula inglés Care Services, and that in case of acceptance of the services, will be responsible for the obligations derived from this contract.

Any notification must be made to o al teléfono 918281965.



  1. Aula inglés Care Services will interview potential candidates who meet the requirements requested, check references, education and other documentation provided by the candidate, and send the applicant up to five detailed profiles of potential candidates within approximately 48 working hours from the request. Aula inglés Care Services specialises in the selection of candidates with a minimum level of C1/Advanced English. Many of them are completely bilingual or native, but we can not guarantee this condition. We recommend that parents appreciate that an Advanced level is sufficient for the care in English of most children up to 12 years of age.
  2. The sending of the information of each of the candidates is confidential and will not be used by the Client for other purposes unrelated to this selection process. Although we put all our efforts into verifying the veracity of the information and documents contributed by the candidates, Aula inglés Care Services does not accept any responsibility if these documents finally are not valid. In the same way, Aula inglés Care Services will treat the information of the family with total confidentiality and personal contact data will not be provided (place of residence, etc.) until the family consents after selecting the candidate.
  3. After reviewing between 3-5 profiles sent, the Applicant must indicate the date and time of convenience from Monday to Friday from 12 am to 9 pm with, preferably, a calendar week before the desired interview date. Aula inglés Care Services will list between 2-4 candidates (the favourites indicated by the family). The interviews will last 20-30 minutes each and must be done in front of one of our coordinators, in Spanish or English, and all followed in the same day and time, and in our offices.
  4. The family will not have to pay any money in advance for the conclusion of interviews, except in the case that Aula inglés Care Services has not been able to make an adequate filter of candidates cited in the interview, for not having provided the family with enough information of their wishes, preferences and needs, or because there are changes in the same post registration. In that case, a penalty of € 50 must be paid. This penalty will also be paid in the event that the interview is requested but then the family decides to select the candidate by another means. Once Aula inglés Care Services has contacted the applicant with a candidate who meets the characteristics previously established by them, the latter agrees not to induce them to collaborate directly (understood as "direct collaboration" that which has an intention of to abolish the intermediation fees that may correspond to Aula inglés Care Services). Otherwise, the Applicant must pay Aula inglés Care Services a compensation equivalent to double the fees that could have corresponded to them, as damages.
  5. At the end of the interview session, in which our coordinator will give guidelines for the realisation of it and possible tips for the selection, the family will have a natural week of maximum term to confirm the selected candidate. In order to provide with the candidate's contact information, the family must pay in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card online or in our office, the full amount of the fees.
  6. The family will have a calendar month after the date set for incorporation to request new interviews, in the event that the selected candidate does not exceed the trial period. Aula inglés Care Services is available to families for any questions related to the provision of services and will try to mediate if necessary to provide a solution to possible disputes. We recommend that, upon communication of the incorporation, it is sent to the candidate with CC to Aula inglés Care Services, as detailed as possible, the rules of the house, hours, date of incorporation, estimated duration and the tasks involved (as a welcome email), and request the candidate a photocopy of the DNI/passport upon entering your home. The family is solely responsible for the remuneration of the candidate, once incorporated. Aula inglés Care Services will not assume responsibility in any case for disputes arising between the family and the candidate incorporated to it, or for damages that may occur in the home or family members for the civil responsibility of the candidate.
  7. Aula inglés Care Services acts as an agent for the purpose of presenting potential candidates to the client and in no case will it have the status of employer.


In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, of Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will become part of the files of English Room, S.L. created for the purpose of managing our services as well as to keep you punctually informed through communications at all times that English Room, S.L. could offer to its customers. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data by writing to the address Calle Doctor Esquerdo 43, local. 28028 Madrid (Madrid) or to

You will receive a copy of this form by email.

Babysitters can not be required to do housework, apart from activities directly related to children, such as ordering toys, preparing snacks, etc.