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We are Aula inglés-Hola People, an International Language Travel, Work and Education agency.

We count on a big number of families that are looking for English speaking (or other languages) part-time nannies and babysitters.

We have more than 9 years of experience in the selection of Au Pairs in Europe and language teaching, that is why families rely on us to send their nannies. We are proud members of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and uphold the professional ethics and values of this association. We are also an accredited work placement company by Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB) and other international associations in the Language travel industry.

If you would like to improve your personal and professional skills and earn some money, send us your application today to be in our premium families database and hopefully you will be called for a face to face interview soon.

Jobs are fully compatible with your studies or other occupations and we always match you with the best option according to your Experience and place of residence. Families pay between 6 and 10 euros per hour, depending on the total number of hours worked per week, which in turn will depend on each family.

Remember that it is essential to have at least a C1 level to participate in the process, and to be of legal age. Families rarely choose nannies over 35 years old.

After registration, you will be called in a week time for a 10 minutes interview on Whatsapp. We use WhatsApp to contact and interview our candidates, so please install this application on your mobile phone if you want to participate in the selection process, and expect us to contact you. We will call you a maximum of 3 times within the following week after your registration. In case we do not get any kind of response, your profile will be subject to being deleted.

Please take your time filling in this form. It all fields are not fully completed, it will be very difficult that families will take their time in considering you as a trustworthy and responsible person for their kids.

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